Saturday, 25 June 2011

1st Youtube video

so today i made a youtube video out of boredom lol it was my 1st one so excuse the crappiness ( yes crappiness isn't a word)but yh i would like to know ur opinion of the video if i should do an outfit haul with just pics or make a video this was just a random thing but if u like it or not would appreciate any kind of feedback, thanks :) x x x


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Follow meee guyss :)

Wow i haven't posted anything in a while, sorry guyss * covers face*
But anyways i just got Twitter today, i know right i'm so late but i wanted to wait till my exams were over  and yh because i literally just got it i would love to have your support so if you have twitter follow me and i'll follow you back =P!/Miss_BeccaBaby
Mwah x x x