Friday, 9 March 2012

Basketball wives inspired~ Earrings!

Recently i have started making my own Basketball inspired earrings which has been popular of late. What i love about making my own earrings is that it saves me spending hundreds for the real thing and also the compliments and encouragement  i have received from friends and family to start my own little business at an affordable price. The annoying thing i find with making these earrings is the delivery can take a while, roughly a month and also the fact that some people find the beads can be too heavy for their ears.

Apart from that i'm so excited about starting my own little business and hopefully it will expand and i'll be able to do more than just earrings. For now i will be selling them to friends and family and if that goes well in the next month or two i will start selling them on my blog.

Here are a few examples of what i have made: