Monday, 5 September 2011

This post is wayyy over due Sorry :)

As you may know on my wishlist i really wanted a pair of suede court heels but unfortunately they were sold out when i last checked. But thank God!!!! they were because a month or two ago while shopping in oxford st i went to Primark just to see what they had and i tumbled across these heels that looked so much like the ones i wanted to get and obviously so much cheaper Wooohooo lol

These heels are so cute and incredible comfortable and they were only £16, there not really high or low either, the picture really isn't doing the colour any justice its more peacher/coral. Sorry for informing you guys late but hopefully it will still be there or even in another branch. But if you think the other one looks better its was asos for £60 

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Sisters Prom!

So on Thursday my sister had her end of year prom which i was so excited for as she let me plan everything for her ( she didn't really have a choice). so i decided to show you guys some pictures of the day as she looked so beautiful and i was so happy for her, hope you guys enjoy x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

1st Youtube video

so today i made a youtube video out of boredom lol it was my 1st one so excuse the crappiness ( yes crappiness isn't a word)but yh i would like to know ur opinion of the video if i should do an outfit haul with just pics or make a video this was just a random thing but if u like it or not would appreciate any kind of feedback, thanks :) x x x


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Follow meee guyss :)

Wow i haven't posted anything in a while, sorry guyss * covers face*
But anyways i just got Twitter today, i know right i'm so late but i wanted to wait till my exams were over  and yh because i literally just got it i would love to have your support so if you have twitter follow me and i'll follow you back =P!/Miss_BeccaBaby
Mwah x x x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


So yesterday i decided to do something creative with my hair, so i thought to myself ahh a turban would be nice, would make my plain dressing stand out and would totally suit the weather.
i went on youtube to find a nice way to tie the turban but i couldn't really find any i was ready to rock.
i some how stumbled across one girls video and i just loved the way she tied her's really brought out her face unfortunately my material wasn't long enough ( its actually a dress lol) so i just did my only lil thing. i really tried to take a fully picture of me and the turban but it just kept cutting out the turban and i'm sure you don't really want to see my face lol
But your interested i'll post her video below :) x

Friday, 1 April 2011

My Wishlist!!! * Love Struck* hehe

1. Ahhh that red jacket looks beautiful, i don't care whatever the weather ( as long as its not too hot or cold lol) i'm the type of person that would wear  what I LIKE even if its not the seasons trend.  I want it sooo bad fingers crossed i'll get it asap :) x

2. i saw this gorgeous satchel in the asos magazine with my friend today instantly fell in love lol, it currently isn't on the site but as soon as it does i'll defo be getting it and if anyone is interested in it as well i'll let you know :) x
3.  these beautiful court shoes i've been having my eye on them for quite a while actually its about time i got them but something else keeps coming up which money needs to be spent on lol but ahh hopefully i'll get em.
4. And finally this lovely vintage looking brown satchel i saw this when i went oxford street with a friend instantly  fell in love she wanted to get it too but i found it 1st so she wasn't allow hehe :p x

what do you guys thinnk??

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tankkk!!!! i love him his voice is AMAZINGGG


so i've had these boots for like a month now i think but haven't  had time to take an outfit pic with them on hence why i'm just uploading it now. i love them think they are really cute, got it on a bargain too from New Look for £18. 

Friday, 11 February 2011

Scrabble Riing

so one day i was watching X factor lol and use one girl in a group wearing a scrabble ring and i thought to myself i soo have to get one as well, so i did :)
This ring has been also seen on the pop star Pixie Lott ( who i love, especially her style.)
If you wonder where i got mine from it was from Ebay x

My Birthday 25/01