Friday, 1 April 2011

My Wishlist!!! * Love Struck* hehe

1. Ahhh that red jacket looks beautiful, i don't care whatever the weather ( as long as its not too hot or cold lol) i'm the type of person that would wear  what I LIKE even if its not the seasons trend.  I want it sooo bad fingers crossed i'll get it asap :) x

2. i saw this gorgeous satchel in the asos magazine with my friend today instantly fell in love lol, it currently isn't on the site but as soon as it does i'll defo be getting it and if anyone is interested in it as well i'll let you know :) x
3.  these beautiful court shoes i've been having my eye on them for quite a while actually its about time i got them but something else keeps coming up which money needs to be spent on lol but ahh hopefully i'll get em.
4. And finally this lovely vintage looking brown satchel i saw this when i went oxford street with a friend instantly  fell in love she wanted to get it too but i found it 1st so she wasn't allow hehe :p x

what do you guys thinnk??


  1. I love it all! But I really LOVE that bag in the second photo AND the shoes in the third!!! BEAUTIFUL :) You have great taste!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. same here can't wait to get them, thanks darling :) x

  3. Cute!

    My wishlist is HUGE! lol


  4. thank you, lol same but these are the main things :) x

  5. I actually used my cream blusher lol, I was hoping no one would ask me.

    Rimmel's Vintage Pink looks similar, couldn't find mine...x

  6. I really like the colour of those heels!
    Where are they from?

    && Yeah definitely try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear! :)